Mixed Age (Pre-Recorded Classes ONLY)

Kristin Fink
MT Online - Package Option B (Pre-Recorded Classes) (location map)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
09/21/20 - 11/29/20 (10 weeks)


Mixed Age family classes include songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences--developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers--regardless of their own musical ability.

Mixed Age Classes are for children 5 years and younger and their parents/caregivers.

Mixed Age Class Package:
Visit the "Our Classes" or registration page for current tuition rates. Tuition includes:
* The ten semester classes (Fall, Winter, Spring) or six semester classes (Summer)
* One artfully crafted Family Songbook to enhance at-home music play,
* One beautifully arranged CD of the semester's song collection to enjoy at home or on-the-go, and
* Access to the Family Music Zone on the Music Together® National Site (which features access to digital downloads of semester song collections)

Upcoming Meetings
09/27/20    Anytime Sunday 09/27/20 Anytime
09/28/20    Anytime Monday 09/28/20 Anytime
09/29/20    Anytime Tuesday 09/29/20 Anytime
09/30/20    Anytime Wednesday 09/30/20 Anytime
10/01/20    Anytime Thursday 10/01/20 Anytime
10/02/20    Anytime Friday 10/02/20 Anytime
10/03/20    Anytime Saturday 10/03/20 Anytime
10/04/20    Anytime Sunday 10/04/20 Anytime
10/05/20    Anytime Monday 10/05/20 Anytime
10/06/20    Anytime Tuesday 10/06/20 Anytime
10/07/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/07/20 Anytime
10/08/20    Anytime Thursday 10/08/20 Anytime
10/09/20    Anytime Friday 10/09/20 Anytime
10/10/20    Anytime Saturday 10/10/20 Anytime
10/11/20    Anytime Sunday 10/11/20 Anytime
10/12/20    Anytime Monday 10/12/20 Anytime
10/13/20    Anytime Tuesday 10/13/20 Anytime
10/14/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/14/20 Anytime
10/15/20    Anytime Thursday 10/15/20 Anytime
10/16/20    Anytime Friday 10/16/20 Anytime