Summer Class Schedule and Tuition

Even as parts of the community start to open again, we are postponing a reopening of in-person classes until at least the fall semester. However, because we know that many families are still trying to stay safe at home, we are happy to be able to still provide at-home music making opportunities!

Introducing...Music Together® Online!

We now have a wonderful plan to come into your homes (virtually, of course!) to share the Kazoo and Tree Frog Collections with you! 

Your MT Online​ Tuition includes:

  • TWO Livestream Music Classes each week, for a full 6-week summer semester
  • Unlimited Makeups, plus Pre-Recorded Lessons, to give you multiple options for fitting music time into your weekly routine
  • The NEW Kazoo (Mixed Age) and Tree Frog (RK) Song Collections (you will receive a physical copy of the songbook in the mail, as well as access to a download code for music and a digital copy of the songbook)
  • Access to our SUPER SECRET Summer Semester Facebook Group
  • Bonus Video Content, including musical craft and song activity ideas, storytime and lullaby songs, live dance parties, and more!
  • Special Events, including live dance parties, musical scavenger hunts, and outdoor singalongs
  • Downloadable family resources (coloring and activity pages, etc)

We look forward to being back at our brick-and-mortar locations once again, but for now, let's stay home and stay well!

Music Together Online - Spring Tuition Schedule:

Mixed Age (birth-age 5): $95* per family (no sibling fees, but PLEASE REGISTER EVERY CHILD so we know who will be participating!)

Rhythm Kids (ages 4-8): $95* per family (no sibling fees, but PLEASE REGISTER EVERY CHILD so we know who will be participating!)

  • *Family Need Discounts - For summer, our tuition can be modified on a sliding scale, ranging from $70-$95 based on need. Please contact us at to discuss how we can help you with your tuition rate, based on your family's personal situation.
  • *DISCOUNTED Limited Package Option - If you would prefer to just stick with the pre-recorded classes, you can opt for our "Limited" class package for a discounted rate of $65. You'll receive access to 2 pre-recorded classes per week, your own songbook and digital download for music, and limited access to other bonus content!
  • *NOTE: Tution includes the cost of shipping songbooks directly to your home. If you choose to pick up materials instead at the start of the semester, you'll receive a $5 coupon to make up the difference!

Also, if you attended spring semester and still have remaining tuition credit, be sure to email us so we can make you a special coupon code!

  • Special Summer Discounts and Add-Ons: 
    • Family Need Discounts - Due to the unplanned financial state many of our families have found themselves in due to to COVID-19-related work changes, our tuition can be modified on a sliding scale ranging from $70-$95 based on need. Please contact us at to discuss how we can help you with your tuition rate, based on your family's personal situation.
    • Personalized Porch Singalongs - Want your songbook dropped off to your house in true musical fashion? For an additional $20, you can have a special, socially distant Porch Singalong scheduled. One of our instructors will drop off your book AND give a mini music class in your front or back yard, catered to include songs you request! Please contact us at to schedule your Singalong! *Note: We are also available to schedule Porch Singalongs for families not enrolled in summer semester, for a $35 fee. 
    • Multi-Class Package - If you'd like to sign up for both the Mixed Age and Rhythm Kids classes, use the code SUMMERFUN to get $50 off your tuition! *Note: this discount will only be honored if you enroll in BOTH class types for the semester. If you are in need of discounts for a single class type due to your family's current financial need, please email us at to discuss options!
  • New Payment Plan Options Available - At checkout, you can select to pay in full now, pay later, or pay as installments throughout the semester. You choose the option that works best for your budget!
Check out our complete Summer Music Together Online Schedule Below (be sure to select TWO choices for your weekly ZOOM meetups when you register, as part of your complete tuition package!)
Show classes for:
Mixed Age

Mixed Age family classes include songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences--developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers--regardless of their own musical ability.

Mixed Age Classes are for children 5 years and younger and their parents/caregivers.

Mixed Age Class Package:
Visit the "Our Classes" or registration page for current tuition rates. Tuition includes:
* The ten semester classes (Fall, Winter, Spring) or six semester classes (Summer)
* One artfully crafted Family Songbook to enhance at-home music play,
* One beautifully arranged CD of the semester's song collection to enjoy at home or on-the-go, and
* Access to the Family Music Zone on the Music Together National Site (which features access to digital downloads of semester song collections)

Rhythm Kids

Rhythm Kids is the next musical step for your preschool or elementary age child! Each week, participants will sing, dance, and play rhythm instruments and music-based games.

One of the hallmarks of the program is the inclusion of beginning drumming techniques, traditional drumming patterns, and building improvisation skills on drums and other rhythm instruments. As children participate in these developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, they gain confidence, take charge leading others, and strengthen their musical creativity. 

Rhythm Kids Level 1: ages 4-5*

Rhythm Kids Level 2: ages 5-8

*If you have a child who is a little older or younger than this age range and you are interested in starting in Level 1, contact us for a consultation. 

Rhythm Kids Class Package:
See our class schedule and registration page for current tuition rates. Tuition includes:
* Weekly, 45-minute classes,
* Animal Collection Songbook and 2 CDs of the semester's collection, and
* Access to online drum-play videos and other online material

MT Online
Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that creates a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program. I know- it sounds strange, but stick with us and keep reading! And, please be sure to read the section below about screen time and adult involvement . . .
Music Together Online participants will have access to these experiences:
  • A full 10-week class session - just online instead! Our teachers (Heather and Kristin) will hold live, 20-25 minute virtual classes Monday-Saturday mornings at 10 am. As a spring participant, you will be allowed to sign up to participate in two sessions each week. Basically, it means you'll still get your weekly 45-minute class experience, but in smaller doses to help better fit into your daily screen time allotments.
  • The NEW Maracas Song Collection! Families will get a digital download code and the promise of getting your physical materials as soon as it is deemed safe. We know that having the Music Together music as well as the songbook at home is one of the hallmarks of our program, but until it's safe to meet in person again, the download code will give you the music as well as a digital copy of the songbook.
  • Access to our SUPER SECRET Spring Semester Facebook Group! This will be a moderated group, and access will only be given to people who join us for the spring Maracas online session. In this private group, we’ll post a variety of content, such as:
  • Facebook Live Pop-Up Events (i.e. singalong story time, mid-afternoon dance parties, and other fun Maracas-themed ideas),
  • Musical craft ideas (get help making your own instruments!),
  • Parent Education check-ins (to offer support as you make it through each week),
  • "Homemade" videos from our registered families, to share their music-making stories from home (if you wish!)
  • Bonus Video Content from Music Together Worldwide! Access to videos featuring special guests like Music Together's own Uncle Gerry, exclusively for enrolled families.
  • Downloadable family resources! (coloring pages, musical games, etc)
MT Online (Limited Package)

Not sure if you'll be able to make live classes work this semester? Why not sign up for the Pre-Recorded package instead! Families will have access to 2, 25-minute pre-recorded classes per week for the total 6-week package. You'll also receive the same songbook and digital download code to enjoy the music at home, as well as limited access to other bonus content.